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SHIPPING CHARGES: All carriers have raised their shipping rates considerably in the past year due to increase fuel and transportation costs. We have no ability to reduce shipping charges -- we pass on what we are charged by FedEx. The problem exists with other carriers as well due to the large size of our packages and the weight of the boxes.

We're a small "mom & pop" shop that specializes exclusively in making products for outdoor cats. The Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter was originally designed in 2003. It was engineered from scratch with the intention of overcoming the shortcomings of the common designs for cat shelters that were little more than variations on the decades-old dog house design.

The Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter incorporates a 2-level design with a fully insulated upper level to provide an unprecedented level of protection. Thousands of shelters of this design have been sold since 2003.
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Our Feeding Stations offer an option for keeping food and water for outdoor cats protected from leaves, wind, rain and debris.
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We also offer straw bedding in economical 3 lb (net wt) packages. Each package of compressed straw bedding is sufficient to fill three Feralvilla shelters. The Indiana wheat or oat straw is also enhanced with organic catnip to encourage cats to explore and enjoy!
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